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Assess Online Merchandising Performance

E-Business Marketer

What we did
Conducted merchandising audit of partner web sites accounting for 90% of client’s online sales
Probed depth of 51 partner web sites
Catalogued findings on a site-by-site basis

What we discovered
“Preferred vendor” merchandising agreements did not always parallel sales share positions
Many partners exceeded contracted merchandising requirements
Numerous partners were not paying off promised merchandising strategies
Some partners had struck merchandising deals which circumvented the spirit—if not the letter—of the client’s partnership agreement
Newly emerging competitive merchandising plans were uncovered during the project

Review online merchandising compliance

Built landscape of 14 key merchandising and promotion components
Developed “best of breed” site merchandising strategy as model for future contract negotiations with partners

New and renewal negotiations with alliance partners have incorporated recommendations
Client now utilizes this discipline and technique to monitor the online marketplace for new merchandising strategies





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