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High-Definition consulting group
High-Definition's expertise in all aspects of marketing brings focus and clarity to bottom-line performance drivers.


Determine Marketing Expenditure ROI

Multi-Line Financial Services Provider

What we did
Identified marketing programs which had been completed over the past three years; programs reached across 10 marketing channels
Outlined alternate means of evaluating programs
Obtained client consensus on approach
Reviewed cost of program vs. budgeted amount
Calculated short- and long-term sales/profit impact for 284 programs

What we discovered
Relevant sales data was difficult to identify—even in a data-driven company
ROI was widely dispersed; most programs had either a very positive or a very negative ROI
Even in successful programs, many component tactics proved unprofitable
Because of the business’s margin structure, short-term programs were almost never profitable

Prepare marketing expenditures “key learnings” for client organization

Catalogued programs which succeeded and those which didn’t
Identified generic tactics which were more likely to succeed
Built parameters for developing future marketing programs
Recommended more tightly defined sales tracking procedures and program monitoring

Key learnings were shared with line managers
Going-forward marketing program strategy was modified to incorporate results and learning
Client has internally formalized a tighter, more defined approval and pay-out process




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