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Develop New Product Feature-Functionality Set

Software Manufacturer

What we did

Reviewed current client product offerings with client line managers
Conducted secondary research into competitive product feature-functionality set
Interviewed industry experts
Interviewed customers who used the software

What we discovered
Use of product category is segmented by customer size
The value proposition varies by industry segment
Several companies beyond the basic competitive set marketed a similar product
A major competitor’s feature-functionality set had the ability to impact sales of other products of the client

Build competitive product landscape

Built landscape of 14 proprietary competitive features
Compared the usefulness and usability of competitive products to current offering
Created a mock-up of key competitor’s product offerings
Profiled development capability of key competitor
Performed SWOT analysis of client product offering
Made recommendations as to product build-out, integration with other client products, and product rebranding

Product has been reconfigured to gain marketplace competitiveness





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