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Assess Viability of New Revenue Streams

Technology Manufacturer

What we did
Reviewed product plans, business model, customer delivery mechanism, and revenue stream sourcing from new consumer services and advertising platform
Conducted product-present focus groups with consumers to understand value and likely use of new product features
Interviewed marketers and advertising agency media buyers to understand potential use, competitive set, and purchase parameters for new medium
Conducted due diligence on competitive media landscape; prepared cost-per-thousand analysis; developed pricing strategy; formulated advertising sales strategy; and identified candidate advertisers.

What we discovered
New services had variable appeal to the consumer end-user
Advertising agencies were unlikely to consider using the new medium until it could reach 50% of targeted audiences—and this level of distribution was 3-5 years away
Only certain categories of marketers would consider the medium even with 100% reach

Revamp new feature set

Prioritized features based on consumer interest and likely revenue contribution
Downscaled advertising sell-in strategy to test market status with progressive advertisers

Product was revamped to include only the most worthwhile features
Advertising components were downgraded from importance and eventually dropped





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