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High-Definition consulting group
High-Definition's expertise in all aspects of marketing brings focus and clarity to bottom-line performance drivers.


Investigate Product Usage Problems

E-Commerce Provider

What we did
Reviewed sales data and existing research
Conferred with client executives on product usage problems
Reviewed client’s strategic alliances and those of its major competitors
Discussed product usage with client’s alliance partners
Interviewed product users

What we discovered
Client initially viewed problem as one of generating awareness and trial for the product
Product had not been built with benefit of end-user research
Category users were aware of the product, but its lack of feature-functionality competitiveness precluded use

Provide strategic review of product marketplace in a quickly evolving product category

Demonstrated how category users approached the marketplace
Arrayed features representing "price of entry" requirements
Compared client’s product feature-functionality to what category users considered important in their purchase decision
Showed how a dominant competitor was quickly beginning to define the product category
Identified what product modifications would be required to exceed competitive offerings

Faced with a steep R&D challenge and limited resources, client elected to exit product marketplace





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