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Increase Penetration and Product Variety
Offered by Sales Channel Partners

Multi-National Consumer Products Company

What we did
Developed global situation analysis
Defined best practices for selling similarly marketed products, including competitors’ selling practices
Interviewed regional sales and product management about sales force and channel partners’ requirements for decision-making

What we discovered
General information and strategies about cross-selling were plentiful, but not organized for the sales force
Channel partners’ knowledge of how to sell the distributors’ products was highly variable
The distributor’s sales force—particularly in less developed areas—was being called upon to make in-depth presentations to multiple prospects over short time frames; logistics in many cases precluded Internet access

Provide sales force with tool kit that easily accesses worldwide market data, product information, and case histories, and which allows for on-the-fly presentation development

Developed an interactive CD-ROM incorporating company information, situation analysis analytics, end-user segmentation strategies, in-depth product information, and selling strategies
CD-ROM permits presentation customization before and during a sales presentation based on the channel partner’s marketplace situation and information requirements

Use of the sales development tool kit has been embraced by regional sales forces, leading to more impactful presentations and increased product sales
The CD-ROM has been translated into two additional languages based on sales force requirements
The tool kit is regularly refreshed with data, information, and case histories, testifying to its utility




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