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High-Definition consulting group
High-Definition's expertise in all aspects of marketing brings focus and clarity to bottom-line performance drivers.


Measure Product and Service Satisfaction

Global Business-to-Business Product Marketer

What we did
Identified key business drivers
Discussed the drivers and the composition of key constituent groups to be interviewed with general management and with marketing/sales management groups from client’s global regions
Developed 11-tier constituent sample to be interviewed
Developed written and one-on-one interview questionnaires for each of the 11 tiers
Reviewed questionnaires and sample composition with regional contacts for accuracy and appropriateness
Worked with two outside vendors to administer survey to sample

What we discovered
Lead times for the completion of the survey were considerable given the high level of coordination and regional input
Some regions believed in the value of the survey more than others, frustrating timely completion
Other regions were adept at “coaching” favorable responses from key constituents

Develop global customer satisfaction report with regional overlays and flexibility to customize the survey based on market needs

Developed web-based reporting process to monitor progress of questionnaire submissions, fostering friendly "competition" for survey completion ratios
Provided template for vendor to report outcome of survey to insure speedy turnaround of data into information-based reports
Provided analysis of key product and service satisfaction findings
Assisted client in issuing final reports to constituents

Product and service satisfaction varied by region, but overarching drivers were consistent
Results of survey have been tied to company’s internal bonus compensation calculation
Client has moved much of the questionnaire response itself to the web to accommodate constituent desires, facilitate survey completion times, and cut costs




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