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Retain Customers

Retail Finance Company

What we did
Reviewed retention metrics following merger of two companies and their portfolios
Identified and analyzed retention processes within each company
Probed reasons for account closures
Interviewed portfolio managers and regional sales managers
Visited call centers to speak first-hand with retention managers and front-line reps

What we discovered
Companies had two vastly different approaches to customer retention: one was systems-based; the other was sales force-based
Both programs were successful and both companies’ retention strategies were ingrained into the respective cultures
Each company had an open willingness to build a “best of breed” retention program

Build an integrated customer retention strategy and program for the two merged companies

Identified account-closing vulnerabilities and retention-eligible intervention points in the life of a loan
Catalogued in a step-by-step fashion existing processes and how they could be cross-pollinated between companies
Established strategic and executional options for modifying these activities to improve opportunity for retention
Assessed issues and likely impacts surrounding each option
Identified benefits and cost factors associated with each option
Designed operations/systems implementation plan
Gained internal consensus on going-forward retention processes
Assisted client managers sell in the solution

Client sold in integrated process




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