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Provide Strategic Options for New Retail Concept


What we did
Reviewed sales performance of new concept store vs. established formats
Conducted site checks at new concept stores
Benchmarked perceptions of employees who worked in the new concept store
Conducted focus groups with consumers who patronized the new concept store

What we discovered
Consumers did not understand the functionality of the new retail concept
Store formats and numbers of departments available to consumers were often driven by the space available in a “store within a store” environment—not by consumer requirements for shopping the category
Where store formats had required departments, sales performance was on par
Surrounding retail formats in the “store within a store”environment often distracted consumers from shopping

Develop a product and concept review of the new retail format

Defined consumer barriers to use of the new concept
Recommended short-term tactical strategies to help overcome usage consumer barriers, including both merchandising and employee “quick-fixes”
Developed alternate strategic changes to the format to overcome consumer barriers long-term

New locations which allowed for full department availability were the only ones built going forward
Expansion of the new, limited department format ceased
Operation of the limited department format eventually ceased as leases expired




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