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High-Definition consulting group
High-Definition's expertise in all aspects of marketing brings focus and clarity to bottom-line performance drivers.


Clarify New Product Development Strategy

Business-to-Business Marketer

What we did
Sized the overall marketplace
Analyzed business expenditure data in each segment of the marketplace
Reviewed the competitive landscape
Interviewed buyers in key marketplace segments

What we discovered
Numerous marketplaces were underserved by the client and its competitors
Obstacles to penetration were deeper than realized
The marketplace was fragmented and potentially profitable only in certain segments
New and previously unrecognized markets could drive additional new product opportunities

Present landscape of new product opportunities

Identified industries and types of companies offering the greatest opportunity for new product success
Delineated value propositions and barriers to adoption for new product opportunities in these marketplaces
Determined product feature-functionality requirements to penetrate the identified marketplaces
Fleshed out product concepts and introduction strategy for key unrecognized marketplaces

Client resources have been allocated to specific market segments; products are under development; and test markets have been planned
Low potential marketplaces have been abandoned




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